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Image by Maxim Berg
Image by National Cancer Institute
Image by Joshua Chehov
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 Revolutionizing Cardiac Health: Introducing Advanced Heart Signal Monitoring and Analysis

Welcome to Monitoring Life, a groundbreaking company dedicated to transforming the way patients diagnosed with insufficient cardiac function manage their health. We understand the importance of real-time monitoring and accurate analysis when it comes to tracking heart signals. With our advanced technology and AI-powered algorithms, we offer an innovative solution for daily medical tracking, ensuring optimal care and peace of mind for patients.

Seamless Heart Monitoring: Track Your Cardiac Health with Ease and Precision

Our state-of-the-art device allows patients to effortlessly track their heart signals from the comfort of their homes. By wearing our non-intrusive, wearable sensor, individuals can continuously capture vital cardiac data. The device seamlessly integrates with our user-friendly mobile app, providing a convenient and reliable way to monitor heart health on a daily basis.

Image by James Graham
Image by Joshua Chehov


Our main product, Sensocor is a Smart Multi-Sensor device designed to provide comprehensive monitoring of heart signals. This state-of-the-art technology combines multiple sensors into a single wearable unit, ensuring accurate and reliable data collection for a holistic understanding of cardiac health

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